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High temperature polyurethane casting machine series

High temperature polyurethane casting machine series

Brand Name : INTER-CHINA

Certification : ISO9001,SGS

Place of Origin : CHINA


Price : Negotiated

Payment Terms : TT/LC,negotiated

Supply Ability : 30 SETS/MONTH

Delivery Time : Normal 45 days

Packaging Details : Export standard packing

Guaranty & service : One year time freely repair, life time technology support

Machine system : Pouring,dosing,mixing and casting

Typical Material system : TDI+MOCA/MDI+MOCA/Prepolymer + MOCA/E-300

Applications : Pu rods, pu sheets,pu rollers, pu parts for industry and so on

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polyurethane dispensing machine for elastomers is that our company follow the international advanced technology, amassing much experience of years practice on the base of the biggest market of mainland China; Keep on improving and updating; Using authorized and famous brands for main machine parts . Hence, technical and safety performance of our machines have reached the advanced level of same line machines from EU/US.

This machine is used for making casting polyurethane elastomer product which uses MOCA and other material as chain extender, such as gluing roller, pad, rollers for elevator use and highly rigid products and can compose pre-polymer and vacuum defoaming in this machine.

2. Main parameters and descriptions for the equipment


2.2 Suitable foaming system: Pu elastomer products

2.3 . Viscocity(cps):

  1. 1: (For pigment) :50 ~ 800 mpa.s (Normal temp)

    S2 (For catalyst) : 50 ~ 800 mpa.s (Normal temp)

  2. 2.4 Pouring output: 2-10 kg/min (100:14)

  3. Mixing ratio range adjustable: 100:6~100:20

  4. There are some weight differences when the density of the raw material and the mixing ratio of the raw material are different.

  5. Two added injectors for pigment/catalyst, the pigment can be directly added into the

  6. < > device of the machine.< > injection: 99

    Automatic injection: 99

    2.7 Metering unit:

  7. The metering unit is equipped for component’s high precision metering, including frame,

    frequency convertor gear reducer, metering pump, rotational velocity transducer,

    magnetic coupling, rotational velocity transducer, electrical pressure transducer for each

    component side.

    Measurement accuracy≤0.5%

Component materialAB
Metering pump typeK40(40cc)GM601D (6cc/rev)
Power of motor(KW)2.20.75
Speed of motor(RPM)20-24020-240
Pump-shaft sealing lubricationDOPDOP
BRANDCHINAGerman: Barmag

2.8 Working pressure limit and control system

  • Both pre-polymer and MOCA components working pressure are allowed in a range of


  • Whenever the working pressure exceeds the range, the pouring operation will be stopped

    automatically and an alarm message of “working pressure abnormality “ will be displayed on

    control panel at the same time.

  • < > mini working pressure of the metering pump for Prepolymer : 0.25Mpa,

    According to pumps’ delivery rate and the components’ mixture ratio technological


  • < >n pours in the procedure separately to establish three components the related parameters ; < >he three metering units are driven by three independent motors , and the flow out is < >hree components are equipped with screen filter separately, and the filters’ precision

    It is requested to clean the filter on time and we recommend to replace the filter regularly so

    as to ensure the high precision.

  • 2.11 Mixing head

  • Mixing head: One set

  • The materials spray into the mixing cavity through the needle shaped valve which with special cleaning device; meanwhile pour out accurately, synchronously, without any clogging.

  • Mixing head mechanical mixing is driven by the motor.

  • The opening / closing of valve is controlled by the cylinder.

  • The build-in throttle valve can adjust and control the pressure balance of each component;

  • The time of advance and delay through electrical control, modes of auto-agitation and manual–agitation for options ;

  • With electrical heating and temperature control system, control precision reaches±1.5℃ ;

  • Special main spindle sealing device, the initiative of domestic field.

  • < >n operate box including: pouring button, cleaning button, blowing button and emergency

    For hanging mixing head and the pouring button panel as well as the hoses and cables

    connection to mixing head.

  • One spring balance device so as to ensure the freely up and down moving of the mixing head.

  • < >rizontal rotary angle range: 120℃

    Pouring arm length: 1,500mm (Can be adjusted, if need any change, inform us earlier)

    2.14 Mixing head cleaning system

  • Mixing head cleaning system including: 20L stainless steel tank, hydraulic meter, safety

    valve, supercharging device and related meters assembly.

  • Compressed air is used to blow out the remains in the mixing head and blow the solvent dry.

  • Blowing and hydraulic cleaning are controlled by the magnetic valve;

  • Time of blowing and hydraulic cleaning is controlled through PLC and set though OP operation panel.

  • Time of blowing and hydraulic cleaning can be also though manual control.

  • Exhaust way: Manual type

  • Blowing and hydraulic cleaning pipe line consists of high-pressure and solvent resistance tubes.

  • Setting pressure for flushing : 0.15Mpa

  • Mixer shaft simultaneously rotates when cleaning

  • With UPS interface, can realize the cleaning operation when power off (UPS customer


  • Mark as MC on the tank

    2.14 Pre-polymer tanks ( A,B ): 2

  • Tank capacity: 300 Liters;

  • Effective volume: 220 liters;

  • Material: Intermediate layer type, stainless steel SUS304

  • Working pressure max : 0.45 Mpa;

  • 1 jacket safety valve, setting working pressure :0. 30MPa;

  • < > safety valve, setting working pressure :0. 40MPa;

    A pressure reducing valve with manometer, setting value of working pressure ranges from 0. 05~0. 40MPa ,which is also able to control the max input pressure of the compressed air of the material tank;

  • Temperature probe: PT100;

  • Mechanical sealing agitator: power 1.1KW, rotational speed 46rpm; The tightness can sufficient to meet the demand of foaming technology;

  • Build-in lighting device , enable to observe the inside of the tank outside;

  • Outside with insulating layer;

    2.15 MOCA ( C tank): 1

  • Tank Capacity: 150 Liters;

  • Effective volume: 100 liters;

  • Material: Intermediate layer type, stainless steel SUS304

  • Working pressure max : 0.45 Mpa;

  • 1 jacket safety valve, setting working pressure :0. 30MPa;

  • 1 safety valve, setting working pressure: 0. 40MPa;

  • A pressure reducing valve with manometer, setting value of working pressure ranges from 0. 05~0. 40MPa ,which is also able to control the max input pressure of the compressed air of the material tank.

  • Temperature probe: PT100

  • Mechanical sealing agitator: power 0.37KW, rotational speed 46rpm; The tightness can sufficient to meet the demand of foaming technology.

  • Build-in lighting device, enable to observe the inside of the tank from outside.

  • Outside with insulating Layer

  • *** MOCA Melter included.

    2.16 Temperature control unit 3 sets

  • A/B/C component with separate temperature controller, so as to set different requested temperature.

  • The pipes adopt stainless steel soft tube, then the heating oil can circularly move outside, which can enable the complete heating for all the raw material in the tank.

    2.17 Vacuum deaeration system

  • Equip with vacuum pump: 15L

  • Vacuum pipe line consists of Poly(amic acid)s/Amquinate soft tubes.

  • Equip with vacuum meter, single-way valve,discharge valve,buffer tank.

    2.18 Auxiliary Metering and Injection System: 2 sets

  • for color,foaming agent and additive agent and so on

  • Pump:Gear Pump

  • Metering accuracy: 0.3%.

  • Flow range: 0.006-0.06L/min

  • Metering accuracy: 0.3%.

  • Pressure control: Pressure transducer.

  • Tank capacity: 2L

  • Motor: Electric managed by an inverter.

  • Supply with max 6 extra plastic pots,which can be swift changed for different colors;

    2.19 Electrical control system

  • The electrical control system of the machine is equipped with Delta Company’s series PLC and input/output modules as well as operation screen panel to ensure the stability and safety performance.

  • The electric cabinet including:
  • < > PLC;

    Delta convertor controller;

  • Omron Relays;

  • Schneider contactor;

  • Schneider Switches, buttons;

  • Outlet of Communication driver;

  • System of software and PLC program;

  • Functioning description:

  • < >anual function, for test commissioning;< >utomatic function, for normal operation;< >ry pouring function, for test pouring operation;parameter setting function, on the panel directly;
  • protection function: with audio and visual alarm and malfunction message display on screen,

    Data on the user interface through the following procedures:

  • Working state real

  • After all the machine on real-time parameters can be displayed on the interface, such as temperature, pressure, pumping and mixing speed, security levels, alarm conditions and other procedures set by the parameters must be displayed.

  • Formula design program

  • The major setting and save the formula interface ( depth, temperature, pressure, etc). For each formula can be set and save 10 subroutine, these subroutines can cast the first one near the selector out directly.

  • Calibration interface

  • This interface is mainly used to automatically correct out of three different charge, by a balancer to determine quality.

  • The software also include some other systems, such as casting machine maintenance control, work time, data statistics and alarm records. Computer software must pass a set of passwords or keys in order to start, this can guarantee the authorized person is different for different levels of machine control.

2.20 Piping system

  • Including all the separate components pipes and hydraulic pipes, to ensure the

    transportation of raw material and hydraulic oil;

  • Components pipes: use the delivery the raw material, feeding pipes are fixed on the mixing

    head, feeding back pipes connect to raw material tanks;

  • Air-hydraulic pipes: use to delivery compressed air and cleaning solution, which consist of

    high pressure anti-solvent tubes;

  • The source of compressed air need through the treatment of oil-water separator and oil sprayer;

    2.21 General infos

  • Power supply: 3X380V 50/60HZ

    Input power: 29KW (Appr)

  • Weight: 2400KGS (Appr)

  • Requirement of ground size : 2500*2000*2200CM

High temperature polyurethane casting machine series

This 2-or 3-Component Dosing, Mixing and Casting machine, is the perfect solution for small to midsize production capacities.

This High temperature polyurethane casting machine series has a standardised machine configuration for all 2- or 3- component reactive systems like TDI/MDI/Mboca.

Its colour dosing & vacuum unit characterise this machine as a flexible production machine and its completely heated component lines, allow for temperatures up to 130°C.

The machine also includes an optional 3rd component module which can be easily connected. With an output of 200 - 3000g/min and a tank size of 60-500L, provides efficiency and quality over others.

Technical characters

- Output range : 200 - 3000g/min
- Tank size of 50 - 500 Litres
- Powerful oil heating ,temperature up to 130°C
- Lower Power Consumption
- Accurate measurement: prescription adjustment is flexible and convenient, the mixture ratio inaccuracy is less than <±0.5%;

-Uniform Mixing :casting head has compact and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance without air leakage and material dumping. Operated by computer programmed controller.

- Stable temperature: heated by compulsory circulative guide heating oil, intelligent automatic temperature control, ,which enables temperature of processing within ±2℃.

- New designed discharge vale with good vacuum degree control and reliable sealing, which enables the finished product is free of bubble during high speed blending.


- Pigment direct injection device

- Degassing

- Additional Component module

- Automatic cleaning system;

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